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Set Download Location / Re-Check


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I am new to web UI however I have it setup and working.

I just have a few problems..

1) The sub path does not work, meaning I would have to change the default location every time.
2) Trying to add already existing (as in 100% completed files) to uT via the webui will not work - it will just start downloading again from 0%.
2b) I cannot find the same option of: advancedset download location > force re-check to achieve (2) as I would usualy do in the main program itself.

The only reason I am using the webUI is because I now have uT running as a service alongside Plex Media Server as an 'all in one' box.
It needs to be run as a service as 2 users use that particular PC and therefore user A cannot always be logged in with uT open 24/7, while as a service that doesn't matter.

Running uT 2.2.1 and the lastest version of webui on x64 8.1

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In fact, scratch all the above.

Somebody just please give me the correct syntax for using the sub-path.

If my default is Y:\ which contains folders A, B and C

i've tried


I just cannot for the life of me get ti to work, it just goes into Y and ignores (my incorrect syntax?) sub-path!

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