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Force Re-Check shows Downloaded as 0.


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I have a torrent of 54 gig.

I only wanted 13.6 gig of the content.

I downloaded it ok.

Accidentally deleted the torrent without a decent seeding ratio.

Reloaded the torrent.

Did a 'Force Re-Check'.

'Downloaded' column shows as 0.

Under the 'Info' tab below it shows Total size: 13.6GB (13.6GB done) (54GB total)

Shouldn't the 'Downloaded' column agree with the (13.6GB done) on the 'Info' tab.




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"Downloaded" is calculated as the amount you've downloaded since loading the torrent in uTorrent, not how much you have of it.

"Ratio" is calculated based on downloaded vs uploaded UNLESS you've downloaded 0, in which case it's based on total size vs uploaded.


No "Downloaded" shouldn't agree with how much you have listed as "done" in your situation.

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How much I actually have came from, obviously, the initial torrent I loaded.

Seems to me my assumed methodolgy would better serve us users.


After mistakenly deleting the torrent it was hard for me, as a rank novice,

to discern how much I should upload to be fair and reasonable with my seeding.


Thanks for the quick response.



K. :)

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