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So confused about ports


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I cannot seed for the life of me, I am told "I am not connectable" I haveUnP portmapping enabled in my router and in utorrent. I unchecked, still the same. What do I do to forward a port...and which port? The random one utorrent assigns? 


I tried on utorrent and buitcomet (listening port blocked).


Can anyone PLEASE explain in steps what to do? I received countless links to huge manuals, etc from portforward.com which none helped. Port forwarding in on on my router.


I have utorrent allowed to run through the fire wall, created inbound and outboud rules, etc still not allowing me to be connectable,. 


I have a router and and a modem. I unplugged the router and only usede the modem, same result. 


I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to this. I am running windows 8.1 pro the latest version of utorrent, avast antivirus (tried with it off and firewall completely off) When I  just want to be able to seeeeeeed! Please any help, first hand help wouldd be great!

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