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Torrent storage folder message-autoload?


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I think my uT 3.4.2 is messed up as all my torrents state, "Torrent storage foldert can't be the same as the autoload folder!


Where can I go to learn how to properly set up the uTorrent Setup Guide and preferences?  Out of 416 completed torrents only 2-5 are actively uploading?


Can I I start over to fix my mess?


Thank You


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You aren't allowed to have the "Store .torrent files in" location as the same location as "automatically load .torrent files from"


It breaks things.


This must be the issue. I have it set as:


Put new, completed, store, move downloads in :L:\U Torrent  and Automatically load.torrents from:L:\Autoloadfolderut


Is this my issue?



Thank You Kindly



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