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More graph controls


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I would like to suggest more controls over how the speed graph is displayed and what is shown. More specifically, I would like an option to disable the rate limit line. My download limit is set to 2MB and I'm currently crawling on a nearly dead torrent with one seed, so I can barely see the <10kB line on the graph due to the 2MB limit. Either letting the graph scale to the current shown rate or hide the limit lines altogether would work.


While that's my specific suggestion, I felt that making a thread like this should include a broader suggestion of implementing more graph controls, like instead of the graph autoscaling, put an advanced setting forcing the graph at whatever rate we want to see as max, or enable/disable any line like above, etcetera. Maybe even give the graph a right-click menu, like toggling the legend via right-click instead of an advanced setting.

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1. Go to Preferences/Bandwidth

2. Set Maximum Upload Rate to "0"

3. Do the same for Maximum Download Rate


No if somebody could tell me how to set the speed graph as the default display!

No matter what I do, the display keeps changing to Info for the first torrent on the list, even if I turn that tab off.

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