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It would be nice to have feature to manage power filter than using sorting column. I add 100 torrent to list BUT I manually "sort by size" and stop 50 torrent because I want to download first 50 (sorted by less size). now I add another 50 torrent... it can sort by size but some already stopped and some already in queue which I need to manually stop.


Is there anyway I can do double filter such sort by torrent size and queue.... so I can manually stop those running ones without interfere those already stopped ones.


Many thanks.

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I vote up for this:




I have the similar idea but don't know how to explain.


For example, I want to download the smaller-sized items first, I want to suggest: sort the list by file size >>> Re-order the list by file size >>> Start Downloading (because by default Utorrent will download file by order, and Priority (force download), regardless the time added. Sometime, the I added the file first but after the program restarted, its order is somewhere else in the bottom of the list.)


The problem is utorrent is not smart enough to know that which is to download first depending on the file size and seeds in order to optimize the download in less time, according to the disk space limitation, for example, I have 7Gb of free space, but have to download 20Gb including a variation in file size from 1MB to 6GB. It should have someway  download the large file, while the small files are selective in order to fit the temporary space, not having to display in sufficient disk space. The optimize way I have with limited temporary space is to move complete downloads to another partition, so that we always have free temporary space for new ones.


To conclude, I suggestion one function in torrent management is the ability to choose "Re-order the list by..." because utorrent download files by order 1,2,3,,...:

+Sort by name >>> Re-order the list by "name"

+Sort by size >>> Re-order the list by "size"

+Sort by date added >>> Re-order the list by "date added"



What do you think about this?



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