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Having upload speed probleem on my Macbook


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Hi there,


Im having problems with my upload speed. Af first i wasn't concerned about it but i'm reaching a point on my torrentsites where my ratio is turning out to be negative. I had a ratio of 1.9 before and now it is 0.6 because all the things i download they won't upload.


I have tried doing port forwarding but i can't get it working. 


Below are some info


Running a macbook pro retina 13 inch late 2013


running Torrent Version 1.8.4 (29971)


Using a Asus WiFi router RT-AC66U


On speedtest.net i get very good figures:


Download: 207.39 Mbps

Upload: 19.94 Mbps


Within Torrent the port is set on 54697 but it sas No incoming Connections all the time. This port is forwarded within my router setting. 


I'm kinda hopeless now. Can anybody help me?




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