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Global Seed Ratio


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 I was hoping we could include a feature into uTorrent that I used to see in (?Azareus?) from a few years ago, the Global Aggregate Seeding Ratio. This ratio is a seeding summation, weighted by file size of your seeded files. I LOVED this feature when I had it, it consistently encouraged me to seed my files because at a global level, I needed to make sure to 'seed' more than I 'leeched'!

 You have 2 torrents, A&B. A is 1.0 GB with a seed ratio of 250% and B is 10.0GB with a seed ratio of 18%. Your global ratio would then be 43%, which is less than 100% and indicates to you that you need to seed more!

This was very valuable to me in the past, it was always shown on the bottom toolbar. Can we please add it, or at least add it as a simple option to show by default in the window!

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