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uTorrent anonymous proxy settings and peer exchange / DHT


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someone asked a similar question awhile back, but i couldn't find any answer to it


do older versions (say, v1.8.5) of utorrent respect an enabled socks5 (anonymous) proxy if you are using both DHT and peer exchange?


if so, great and thanks (by chance any formal documentation clarifying that?)


and if not, is there any recommendation for maintaining the (anonymous) proxy?  ie, do either DHT or PEX have to be disabled?  or do you need to use some later version of utorrent in order to respect the (anonymous) socks5 proxy when also using PEX and/or DHT?



thanks much for any insights on this!

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The versions you're likely to want to use are not supported for use at all.

uTorrent CAN do proxy with DHT and PEX, but only with current versions.



thanks again DWK - that is really good to know!


to be clear, is it the case that the current utorrent version(s) honor and preserve the utorrent enabled proxy setting while using DHT and PEX?  in other words, that there should be no leaking of a users IP address when using DHT and PEX in utorrent, if a proxy is enabled (presuming that the proxy is correctly set up and working)


and does that capability start with utorrent version 3?


which leads to a follow up technical question, if you don't mind: 


what specific functionality was added to the later versions of utorrent which allow this honoring of the proxy setting with DHT/PEX that is missing in earlier utorrent versions?



thanks again!  (i was not able to find this info definitively answered anywhere!)

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