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Big torrents stop at 99.9% or similar


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Ok, so I've been having this problem a while but I've just circumnavigated it up until now since i couldnt fix it but im getting irate.


Smaller torrents up to say 800mb will download great and reach 100% check and complete perfectly,


however, when downloading larger torrents for some reason they never reach completion, and if they do, after the check they always go back to 99.7% etc and never actually stay at 100%


I've checked a lot of forums and people say it must be an incomplete torrent and just wait. i tried that and it happens far too often for that to be the problem as most torrents that i have this problem with are very popular torrents with lots of seeds.


Some torrents do work, but the larger the torrent the more common this problem is.


I really have no clue, I've tried downloading to different hard drives, I've used other software, changed firewall settings. 


Theres no problems with speed i get up to 7mB/s on some downloads 


I just checked a random torrent im downloading and it says wasted 1.63Gb, 183 hashfails.


I have no more ideas for cause or solution so if there's any ideas i would really appreciate them thanks!


p.s. some screengrabs showing avail. (taken at different times hence change in number) dont know if it helps: EaSuZzv.jpgkdnu3Bh.jpg

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High hashfails indicate either poisoning, or hardware/software failure in your wetup.

DLink router?

I'm using a virgin media super hub but connected with an ethernet cable.


I've ran avast free virus check it found nothing.


I do occasionally get BSOD with memory management. I mean I thought it had to do with my RAM but that could very well be related to the problem.


Thank you 

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