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The upload ratio reduces


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I just downloaded 3.4.2 build 38913.  Had build 38758 before.  I have noticed in the last few months that uTorrent has stopped automatically updating. Not only that, when I saw here there the latest version vas 38913, I clicked on "check for upadates" and it said that there were no new updated.  I then went to the website, I found and downloaded the new version.


uTorrent has been doing weird things, not sure how to describe it.  I download a torrent, I can see it in uTorrent, it starts downloading, giving the ETA, then all of the sudden it completely disappears.  I can see it in the New folder, but it just disappears form the uTorrent window.  I then download it again, and it seems to "take" the second time around.  This has now happened about 3-4 times and I can't figure out what would cause that.


However, I have noticed something today, that is really weird.  I had some torrents seeding.  It is very slow going, but I leave it there, because the site I'm using needs me to upload.  I have made a screenshot of them, so that I can check every day to see if it has changed at all.  Every time there is a change, I make a new screenshot.


When I went  to check today, they have decreased!!!!  How is that possible?







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