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Invalid download state, try resuming


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I have USB3 HDD failure, it's fixed now.


Now I have over 9000 files with such state.

How do I fix that?

Many files DL long ago and moved to another locations.


P.S. All files were STOPPED, why it's screw up again?

uT going from worse to worst.






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This is extremely strange!

All uT above 2.0.4 have same very annoying bug!

If you DL files on external HDD, and then disconnect it, all DL's will be in error state.

WARNING! I'm talking about torrents that was downloaded, completed and stopped long time ago!

It make no sense to manually correct those DLs that was done years ago if you don't like tons of errors in your list!


If you simply move files from one folder to another, it's OK.

But if drive R: (for example) is no longer valid even long ago completed DLs will be in error!

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