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utserver chewing CPU, WebUI never finish loading


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Yesterday all was fine, used utserver for about a month now on daily basis and never had issues before - but today all of a sudden utserver refuse to start properly. Checking top it chew CPU, constantly putting crazy high load on CPU. WebUI won't finish loading.


Checked out other topics here, tried running with -daemon but no change. Tried the -logfile and it shows no errors.


localhost:8080/gui | localhost:8080/gui/web

...neither will load anything. Won't even give error like 'cannot connect'. Just constantly, for several hours, doing nothing at all but attempting to load.


Any suggestions what I can try to get it working again?


(Oh, using 64bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS fully up-to-date as of Mars 2nd, and Firefox 36.0 btw.)


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Do you see port 8080 being open for listening when you run netstat after you start uTorrent Server, and 8080 is not open before running uTorrent Server?  Although, if uTorrent Server could not create a listening socket on port 8080, I would think it would report the problem to the log.  You could try a different port.  However, I don't think that's your problem, but here's some ways to verify/diagnose that.


What happens when you start uTorrent Server with a different current directory and settings directory?  Do you get the CPU spin then?  If not, I'd try adding your existing torrents to the new installation, starting with the most recent added torrent.  What was different between yesterday and today?  Did you add new torrents or change settings?

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The differences from yesterday was the image & headers update (3-13.0-46.76, 3-13.0-46.77) which required a restart. It can have anything to do with it? Was after the computer reboot issue appeared.


That aside, by the time I turned off the computer yesterday I had no active torrents at all. None downloading, none seeding - all stopped. Bit of a (bad) habit I got to stop things before closing.



I checked netstat, port 8080 not open before starting utserver - is open while utserver is chewing CPU yet can't load interface. Have to use kill -9 to close utserver. Port 8080 goes back to closed after.

Changing directories didn't work out either, if I did it right that is. I'm not an advanced user.



I removed and set it up anew from fresh download (Ubuntu 13.04 64bit since no 14.XX availible), and seems is working like it should... at least for now.

I do have a copy of the defect version, saw you were a staff member, so tell if you want it (whole thing or which file(s)) to take a closer look.

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I had this issue awhile back, actually. It was insanely frustrating. Since I run utorrent in a container, I just rebuilt the container and it worked again. It was just a random fluke one day for me. I occasionally do package updates but not nearly anything that detrimental.

Since then I run a logging and have logs from every time I've run uTorrent since.  

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Solved for me.



I had the same problem, even worse: after customizing my config file my CPU went up to 85 -90% for utserver (only) when idle - the web UI was loading fine.


I was using the widely-available sample config file for alpha-3.3 for version 3.0.


When I installed version alpha-3.3 (with the same config file) my CPU fell to 0.5-1% when idle.



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