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Upnp not working when behind VPN


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Hello !

After a lot of tests, here is my probleme.


- My port is considered "not open"  (orange) when I do the correct port forwarding on my router, the right port on UDT and TCP for my IP adress. I don't know why...

- My port is only considered "open", so in green, when I let the auto mapping option, so it does it with UPNP on my router.


BUT the problem is : I am behind a VPN (vyprvpn), and when I launch Utorrent when connecter to Vyprvpn, utorrent can't make UPNP rules. I must first close Vyprvpn, launch utorrent, and then re-launch vyprvpn.


I'm on windows 7.

The NAT firewall of Vyprvpn is disabled.


Thank you !

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