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Can BitTorrent client seed wihtout port forwarding?


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Hi, is it possible to seed BitTorrent file without port forwarding?

I can (theoretical) imagine situation when BitTorrent client will try to connect to other peers and ‘push’ content to them, but (I think) this is not happening in real life.

Can you confirm or contradict this?


Thank you.

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It CAN, it just takes a lot longer to establish the connection.


Thanks for respond!  


Yes, article in the link is correct. But I think this is applies to swarm situation. Let me try to provide more information about what I mean.


We could have several different stations for the same torrent when no port forwarding is done (foe all situations below we will assume we are behind firewall and port is not forwarded).


1. Initial seeding. We have one peer that makes file available, but nobody can connect to it. Theoretically this peer could get other peers from tracker, try to contact them and send them content.  


2. Seeding after bittorrent client finish downloading full torrent. Same as 1


3. Downloading torrent. Here even nobody can connect to us we will connect to other peers (that have ports open) and there would be exchange of content, so this peer will upload as well as download in the same connection.


I just do not think that in 1 and 2 bittorrent clients when it seeds will try to connect to other peers, it will just wait for incoming connection.


Is this correct?


Thank you.

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Either your seeds or your users NEED to port forward in order for connections to establish.

If EVERYONE is port forwarded then connections start immediately, otherwise they are delayed based on who has their ports forwarded.

Once connections start getting established, pieces start distributing.

If everyone is firewalled, everyone is screwed and pieces can't be distributed at all.

It doesn't matter the number of peers in the swarm, if even ONE of them has their ports open and forwarded properly then everyone can complete.

The more that have the ports open and forwarded, the better.

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