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Recheck items after crash restoration - Extremely slow!


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Hi all,


I write this thread, based on the previous bug report I posted on the Bug Report section of the forum at: http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/95050-memory-leak-bugs-in-342-build-37477-38463-38803-38913/


The problem is like this:


Utorrent crashes and display a message whether to restart the program.


After restart, the program runs very low, to load the resume [1] download for items and rechecks [2] them. The 2 processes run at the same time as far as I know, make the whole process took ages to complete!


Is there any way to run [1] completely, e.g, load all the resume.dat until all ready, then run [2] after that, with lower priority for large files because checking large files is time consuming.


Any idea? suggestions?









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