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Relocate unfinished download within a click


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HI all,


Is there a method to relocate temporary unfinished download within one click?


Here is the problem:



1. Unfinished download: @ C:\Unfinished

2. Completed/finished download: @ C:\Complete


I want to move all unfinished items in C:\Unfinished to U: drive, etc, depend on the system. while still keep the completed item in C:\Complete. Now, l cut the folder Unfinished in "C:\" and paste it into "U:\"



1. Unfinished @ U:\Unfinished




Need more space for downloads.

Broken HDD...

Re-install the operating system.



My suggestion is to choose either:

+To have a file contain all of the infos (torrent, file name./dir/...) in the folder, after that choose move to a new location and choose relocate to continue

+Let utorrent know that this is a resume download by placing "resume.dat" (or something to make utorrent know to resume) into the unfinished download.


How do you think about this solution?





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