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utorrent refuses to work after I changed my network's name


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so i changed my network's name and now utorrent won't download anything even the most seeded torrents I changed the port a dozen times, I installed and uninstalled utorrent ten times and when I run the setup guide it gives me this

[2015-03-08 06:47:27]  Data send error: A local networking problem closed the connection. (10053)

[2015-03-08 06:47:27]  Checking for forwarded port
[2015-03-08 06:47:29]  Port Forward test complete. HTTP Error 404
[2015-03-08 06:47:29]  Checking auto portmap configuration ...
[2015-03-08 06:47:30]  Results: Port is open. Your network is properly configured.
can you help me out?
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