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corrupt files [1.5 build 437]


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i've mapped a network share as a local drive, files are downloaded/saved there.

Unfortunately, i've noticed that although some torrents are reported to be 100% complete and in state of "Seeding", sometimes some of their files are corrupt.

Here's some "work" i've done that might give u insight into the problem

After I found out which torrent contains corrupt files, i remove the torrent from Utorrent. Then I double click the torrent file on the HD and thus i force Utorrent to check the integrity of the downloaded file. Then for all the files that seems to be corrupt, it looks like that they were partially downloaded. Utorrent reports that the downloaded torrent was 99% complete and resumes downloading. Then everything works fine. The files are not corrupt.

I have no idea how utorrent works but it seems that somehow it cant estimate the total size to be downloaded and end up with party downloaded files. Btw, this problem usually happens with files over 40Mb and i always fix it that way.

Utorrent version 1.5 build 437

OS : winXP professional, service pack 2

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I have the same problem, with uTorrent 1.6 Stable actually, and it happens a lot. i have tested my hard drive and my ram and they are fine :)

and i noticed that when you select what to download and skip sertain files, when tha download is finished and PASSES THE HASH CHECK it is set to seed, after some time when i restart my computer and restart utorrent, it reports missing files or elements in the torrent in some cases it is reported that the parts are missing from the files that are selected to be skiped and not to be downloaded.

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