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it happened many times to have downloaded flawlessly the 98-99% of a torrent and then speed is zero and I cant download the rest

this in my opinion happens because many people just download they torrent and they stop to share it immediately (as far as I 'm concerned, I never do such stupidity, I always share for days after downloading)

so, while there are many people who share the 10%,20%-30% etc of the torrent (they share it as they download it), there are very few who share the 100% of the torrent

thus, I wanted to ask what can we do about it?

one idea is to make uTorrent download first, the part of the torrent that is at the end of the file (or the most at the end) and then download the first parts that are more likely to be available

or in general implement a feature that will download the part of the torrent that is less available

is it possible?


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