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4th partition lost in one month...pls help


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I am geting the disk overload message very often and i did increase the value of disk cache to 8 as said in uTorrent help and it doesn't help...windows keeps saying that writing of data delayed....data lost...and in short time partition is lost, winshit doesn't recognize the hdd anymore....

The hdd is a seagate ata 133 single on secondary, dma if available enabled, ntfs file sistem, download speed is about 3-4 mb/s....

Any ideeas pls..?

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Sounds very much like a hardware problem. Three main suspects, in order of seriousness:

1. Is the ATA cable plugged in correctly or is it damaged? Particularly for ATA drives, if a cable comes loose it may show sporadic bad effects.

2. Most likely, the hard drive is dying.

3. Most seriously, the ATA port may be dying (I've had this happen before), in which case it's likely to kill other drives ...

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