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updating to from 1.1.6 results in no window?


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I auto-updated to from 1.1.6 and now I can't get the window up. The thread opens but just sits there, resource useage never changes.

Problem is persistant after reboot.

Dunno if its related but previously even when I right clicked on the tray icon to exit it would assume uTorrent crashed and restart itself. This happened in 1.1.4, 1.1.5, and 1.1.6 for me.

Any ideas?

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I guess you've tried terminating the process through the task manager and starting it again?

In that case:

I've seen some people have had these problems, and solved it by deleting the %appdata&utorrent folder, but that would reset all your settings and empty your torrent list, which is kind of.. well, it''s annoying.

So sit tight for a while and wait for someone else to help you.. There might be a better fix for this.

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