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Hi all,

Can somebody explain to me these different settings. This is the screenshot of the settings at my end :-


So what do these settings mean & how do they effect my searching, downloading & uploading capacities ?

1. Global no. of connections :- 250 What effect would lowering or upping do?

2. Maximum no. of peers connected per torrent :- 60 how lowering or upping this would effect?

3. No. of upload slots per torrent :- given 6 here

Another checkbox given Use additional upload slots if upload speeds < 90%

Have no clue about this one?

Lastly Queue settings

Maximum no. of active torrents (upload or downloaded) :- given 8 here

Maximum no. of active downloads :- given 12 here

When one is saying active downloads does that mean the single download or does it also include the pieces from a download?

For e.g. Let's say I have 7 movies to download from a.avi to h.avi . After the 1st movie is downloaded I start sharing/seeding that movie. Now what kind of settings should I have so that both me & the other peers get good download speeds.

Looking for suggestions. Thanx in advance

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Thanx for the advice B2K24 but that doesn't seem to be happening in the near future. I'm from India & these are our ping rates to yahoo :-


There are efforts by the regulators to bring down the ping rates below 300 ms that should improve some bit alongwith some more bandwidth I guess.

@firon I did stop the torrents before going to DSL reports :)

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