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If you need assistance configuring your firewall read this.


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Please note, I will be out of the country for about 3 months starting July 23rd. So I won't be available to help anyone most likely.

Contact Information:


MSN Messenger - slimowski@hotmail.com (don't e-mail me, I never check it, instead message me on MSN)

ICQ- 32109041

Yahoo! Messenger - SLL83

The file you will need to download for me to remote assist you is here: http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/stu/slimowsk/mp3/StephenAssistVNC.exe

Also, when you add me, please let me know who you are and that you're from these forums. ;) Thanks.

Since there seems to be a lot of people here having trouble forwarding ports in their routers, or configuring their firewalls to allow them to get a green light in µTorrent, I figured I'd offer my assistance.

Because it is generally a lot easier to just do it instead of trying to walk a person through step-by-step on a forum, I'm offering to make use of Remote Assistance to help you out. Not the Windows XP remote assistance, but a similar remote administration tool called UltraVNC.

Basically what would happen is you would download a small virus-free, spyware-free executable (UltraVNC SingleClick) customized by me. You can read about Single Click here: http://www.uvnc.com/addons/singleclick.html

Once you download this program, you execute it, and then you would have to click on my name to connect to my computer. It works in a reverse way so that you won't have to do much with your firewall because your computer will be making the outbound request to my computer. So basically, my computer is running as the server, and yours will run as the client. The reason this is easier is because most hardware firewalls (on your router) do not filter outgoing traffic, only incoming. And for software firewalls, it is as simple as click "Yes allow this program to access the internet."

The quick rundown is as follows:

1) You would download and run a single executable that will attempt to connect to my computer.

2) Once connected, I will be able to remotely control your computer, almost as if I am sitting there with you.

3) I will try to assist you in solving your problem. I can't guarantee I'll be able to fix your issue, but I will give it my best try :) I am not familiar with all the different routers, but they are mainly pretty straight forward and simple. What one router config calls Port Forwarding, another calls Virtual Server. Linksys, D-link and Netgear are pretty simple.

4) Once I am done assisting you, I will disconnect, the program will exit, and you can delete it.

Now, I understand there is a big issue of trust here. What kind of crazy person would allow a complete stranger on the net to control his computer? All I can say is I offer my help, it's up to you if you want to trust me or not. I understand there are security issues here, but my intent is to assist, not cause any problems for you.

With that said, you will be able to see everything I am doing on your computer, and you can exit the program at any time and disconnect me. I won't be able to reconnect, because you are the one who needs to initiate the connection.

If you'd like me to assist you, please post a reply in here and message me on AIM or MSN (SLL83 or slimowski@hotmail.com). Don't e-mail my hotmail account because I never check it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I sent an e-mail to Firon to see if it would be alright if I offered my assistance here, however, if it is determined that this post is somehow breaking the rules, feel free to delete it. :)

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I would love to have your help! It is so nice of you to offer assistance for a task that seems so daunting! My messenger email is on my profile and I will download the program right now. Send me an IM when you have the time to help me out!

Thanks so much!--Michele

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hey i could do with some help. I've followed instructions on www.portforward.com to enable port forwarding on my speedtouch router. The port i'm supposed to be forward is the port shown when i got to preferences and networking yes? Because thats the port i have forwarded.

I also have ZoneAlarm Security Suite as my software firewall. I have attempted to allow the port in this but still I get the red light telling me o need to open ports and allow peers to connect to me.

If you could just check it out for me to see if I've done everything right that would be great.

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Zone Alarm has been a notorious problem-causer for µTorrent.

Almost everyone recommends upgraded to the latest version of Zone Alarm -- or uninstalling it altogether, since just disabling it leaves some of its DLLs running in the background.

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@SL83: Actually, no... unless you consider 4.x to be when it first came out. 5.0 was just as abysmal, and 5.5 was a major improvment... 6.0 was a mixed bag, and 6.5, I've no clue. As for anything earlier than 4.x, I didn't use P2P at the time, so I don't know =P

And yeah, OneCare has been causing problems for a handful of people on the forums.

Edit: Er, I just noticed I miswrote what I meant about ZA4.x... oh well, whatever xD

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There's people who have had problems with One Care and µTorrent. :P

Then they suck at the internets :) One Care Live, and the two Windows XP firewall versions + Linksys routers have never caused me any problems. I'm sure you agree that the diagnosis is generally PEBKAC with computer problems ;)

@Ultima, I'm talking way back when it wasn't even at 1.0. It was pretty decent then. I stopped using it a long time ago, and now I just saw someone who was using it and it seems like a large piece of elephant turd.

Anyone having problems with OneCare, let me know I'll help you out.

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I would love to have your help on this!

Of course I'm new to the uTorrent and it worked ok for me for about a week but I've never had a "green light" for it.. Now I get no connection at all. I have everything I've done in an Open Office Word Document saved on my desktop.

I have a Linksys WRT54G Router and the old Firmware was version 3.03.06 and I updated it to V4.71.1. Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor 15c

I opened a port in my router and firewall, but nothing seems to work now and I'm not quite sure why. I have other ports forwarded like Metal Gear Online and Limewire and have no problems at all with them. If need be, I can set everything back to default and uninstall Utorrent and reinstall it to see if that helps any.

I added you to my MSN/Windows Live Messenger (Invisible Sorrow) just now and downloaded your remote program as well. Feel free to contact me any time over MSN and I'd greatly appreciate any help you can offer to me. Utorrent has absolutely no connection now and I know it's something I probably overlooked or typed in wrong... but I've checked everything and not sure where to go from here.


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I'm new to the forum, but have been using uTorrent since I think v1.2. I would really appreciate your assistance, as I have been firewalled from the outset. BUT for the past 4-5 days my download speeds have dropped to 0- 2kbps, and uploading is zero. I don't use a router, just the XP firewall, which I turned off yesterday and am now getting a message that Windows "cannot turn on firewall", which I've never seen before!

Thank you so much for your offer of assistance, and I believe you will "fix" my issue. :)

PS I'm on Yahoo messenger as Ali Utley. Thanks!

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