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Backup port


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My router works in mysterious ways and this causes me unabled to use UPnP because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. (Also with the new UPnP system in the beta). So I thought maybe a backup port could be used.

Example: I manually forward a port for uTorrent, when I start uTorrent it randomly chooses a port and tries to forward it with UPnP, when it works all is good and else it will fallback to that backup port.

This is good because now I can use a random port when it works and when it fails it uses the backup port.

BTW: I have a WRT54G linksys router.

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Oh, the v5... Yuck. Don't use UPnP on that thing. You wanna do as much as possible to keep it stable, it's a lousy router.

I have the same router. Should I just disable port forwarding in uTorrent and forward it manually, or somehting else to get best results.

Note: I now have port forwarding enabled in my client and router and have my client port forwarded manually. This doesn't cause a large problem for me (must reboot every week or so due to lost connections) but isn't a huge inconvinience.

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