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Problem with superseeding


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Well sometimes when i'm the only seeder around, I usually use superseeding. It used to work fine until now, around the time when i downloaded the beta. It's not the beta, because my 1.5 version has the same problem too. At first, it seems to work fine. However, after a few minutes, the speed falls and sticks at 0. My peers are still connected but the up speed is 0. What's the problem?

P.S: I checked my peerguardian, It isn't blocking anything. I use ZoneAlarm Pro and set the maximum clearance and trust level possible for µtorrent. I even tried opening the ports and adding expert rules, but nothng,

Edit: I got similar logs from both peers right before the connection crashes. Is says-

[xx:xx:xx] xx.xx.xx.xxx :[µtorrent/1500]: Got not interested

[xx:xx:xx] xx.xx.xx.xxx :[µtorrent/1500]: Send choke

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Considering what's broken with it currently, it needs a LOT of work.

Transfer amounts get pretty bad, sometimes requiring over 3 times of the torrent's total size to get full distribution in current versions of uT.

BitTornado only needs about 105%-125% of the torrent's size in super-seed.

Normal seeding needs about 150-160%

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Based on my research, the reason µTorrent sometimes needs over 3 times the torrent's size to get availability over 1...isn't a bug at all. µTorrent is simply trying to follow the BitTorrent protocol too closely, even when in super seed mode.

A possible explaination is something external is interfering with µTorrent's super-seeding mode. Even though it's talking about an older Azureus version, it applies to µTorrent:


I'd kill the suspense for you, but read the section about "interferes with Super Seeding?"

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