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How to get finished files from an unfinished torrent


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I have a torrent stuck at 97.4% for 4 days. Other people have had this same problem with this torrent, so I don't think that it will ever complete.


It was a large torrent with lots of very small files on it, so some of them will have fully completed downloading right? How do I know which ones these are and retrieve just these? 


Because they're ebooks it won't be immediately apparent (or even at all apparent) if they are unfinished so checking each one isn't really feasible.


There's a list of all the files underneath with little red/green/grey bars, but I can't figure it out. (For example, there seems to be no correlation between whether or not I chose to download the file and the colour of the bar??)


I don't know anything about torrents please help me.


- bambambam


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