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Best Settings for my connection ?


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I've recently installed utorrent and completed all the requirements such as POrt Forwarding and firewall settings. What im curious to know about is whether an average download rate of 40-60kB/s is a decent speed considering im rated at DL : 450 kB/s UL :30 kB/s (Cable Connection) rated through the speed test. I also seem to be maxing out my upload speed but nowhere near my rated download speed. Are there any suggestions or settings you guys may have that would improve my download speed ?

Thanks in advance


PS this is an everyday result of my connection...only get about maximum 5-8 seeds on very good torrents... :(

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You're fighting the other peers for the seeds' limited connections.

A LOT of someone elses got their foot in the door before you did, so you only connect to a few seeds.

Worse, many are firewalled -- you cannot make a connection to their ip, they must discover your ip from the tracker and connect to you. Which is impossible currently if you're firewalled too. ...And unlikely if you're not.

The few seeds you DO connect to, may only be connecting to you because they try to connect to 100's of peers at once. Which means the odds of them uploading to you at any given moment is horribly low.

Also, since they're probably uploading to many peers at once (lots of upload slots=uploading to lots of peers at once) then even if they have a fast total upload speed (like 100 KB/sec) it might be split 20 ways so each gets on average 5 KB/sec. In fact, many BitTorrent clients' configurations increase the upload slots considerably for higher-speed connections.

So you're unlikely to connect to any seeds at all, if you do they're probably not uploading to you at any given moment, if they ARE uploading to you then it's probably slow because they're trying to upload to lots of people at once.

So you cannot count on getting a whole lot of download speed from most seeds on most torrents.

And since many peers use the same lots of connections, lots of upload slots, lots of torrents at once, and low upload speed max...they won't be giving you much either. ...at least at any given moment.

When you add up all the downloading, it can be no faster (and actually a little SLOWER due to hash fails and duplicate data) than all the uploading.

So if you're downloading faster than you're uploading -- you're doing pretty good...it also means someone else is uploading faster than they're downloading. Oh well, sucks to be them. Screw them! Happy Torrenting! :D

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Just follow the speed guide in the Options section, jv87, choosing the xx/256k.

The torrent in the screenshot IS NOT a good one (seeds/peers ratio is 0.15) - a good torrent must have a seeds/peers ratio > 4 and is preferably to be hosted on a private tracker...

The speeds may also vary significantly by enabling or not the DHT and Protocol Encryption.

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