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More then one dl kills my connection!


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I get a big ping in my games, when i have more then one dl running, and my settings have workd before.

I have 1024/256 (128/32), and i have used the speed guide.

I limit my dl and ul to 100/20, and have ben playing whidt no problems, for about 5 month, running at full speed.

But now my internet connection lagd up if theres more then one dl running.

I can still download at full speed, but even if i only have two dl running at 20/15 i get lag.

I have the same hardware and software no change there, and i got no virus or spyware/adware/malware.

I have tryd the beta after i got the problem, and its the same.

I have tryd other clients like Azureus and BitLord, and ther was no problem running more then one dl.

Im have tryd port 52006, 52007, 52008 or 111, and ther all workd, but only if i only have one running.

I dont know what to do!

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Hmmm the thing is, i dont have a router on my end, so it my ISPs router. ;)

I calld them and they said they had a router problem.

I hope it not my fault.

Or its their fault, for using a crapy router.

Well im still confused.

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