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utorrent won't save the torrents


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i have 6 torrents downloading at the moment .... 2 started and 4 pending .....

The problem is >>> if i open a new torrent it begins downloading it but if i close utorrent and reopen it .... the torrent i just opened isn't there and i have to open it again but the 6 torrent that i had before are still there...

i tried to delete some of the pending torrent but that didn't solved my problem...

after i open utorrent again and i add the torrent again >>> it checks the torrent >>> but i lose the started pieces that haven't finished downloading ...


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ohhh .. and i forgot to mention...

after i open utorrent again antd try to add the torrent another torrent apear in the folder where i keep my torrent

FOR example: in the folder torrent which i created i have the torrent (not the real name just a imaginary 1) "avalon"

after i open utorrent and try to open the torrent avalon from the folder .... in the folder>>> next to the torrent "avalon" apears an identical torrent file named "avalon.1"

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