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1.1.6 gets STUCK on backup trackers with no/few peers


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Previously, μTorrent sent announces to all available announce URLs. With version 1.1.6, μTorrent will get STUCK with just one, often a backup with just 1 or 2 peers, with no way to recheck the othe trackers.

Perhaps this is just a change in the GUI, and in fact all trackers ARE working? Otherwise...

This is a big problem on sites where the main tracker has very heavy traffic, like Pirate's Bay.

I understand that there could be issues with announcing to several trackers at the same time, but there are ALSO issues with just getting STUCK on a crappy backup tracker with 1 peer.

Perhaps a compromise could be found? For example, the current behavior could be modified slightly. If the main/first tracker in the list is offline, μTorrent could RETRY the main announce URL every 1-2 minutes for say 5 tries. If no announce is received, it will try again every 10 minutes.

Alternatively: If μTorrent is not connected to the main tracker, μTorrent could SCRAPE all the trackers every x minutes and then try to connect to the tracker that reports the largest number of peers.

I REALLY feel that something should be done to stop the client from ignoring the main tracker just because there was no response the ONE time it was polled.

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i think µTorrent is still checking all the trackers only u dont get the annoying thing of the tracker url changing every second within the detailed info box.

That's good to know. There must be SOME way to see that status of other trackers? Perhaps this is being worked on?

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