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unable to reinstall utorrent


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Bit Soup will not recognize any UTorrent above v2.2.1 . Since I had Pro v3.4.2 (build 38656)[32 bit], I decided to try that version. I first uninstalled UTorrent in many places from my computer. Installed 2.2.1 and got message UTorrent has crashed, A crash dump has been saved. I tried a few more installations with same result. Then tried my UTorrent Pro and got as far as the run box - program began running with all my downloads etc. but wouldn't reopen if closed or computer turned off. If I pick a download torrent from IPTorrents it will not ask if I want to use UTorrents only Vuze. I do use BTGuard as a proxy and was having no problem until I started using The Pro version. I use BitSoup because it does offer a few more torrents that IPTorrents doesn't and vice-versa.

Any help you might have would be greatly appreciated.


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