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green light then freeze


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When I start Utorrent I get a red light. If I go in and randomly pick a new port and check if its forwarded properly in the speed guide it says yes. Half the time the light will turn yellow and the other half it will turn green and immediately freeze the progam. I will then have to end UT and start it up again. Also, if i change the random port back to the original port I was trying to forward in the first place, the light will turn green but again the program will freeze. I have turned off UPnP in UT and my router (Linksys RT31P2) which is confusing to me because I thought the random ports wouldn't be able to forward if I did this. I am pretty new at this and have learned everything from reading FAQ's and message boards but I cant seem to figure out why this is happening. I have disabled windows firewall and uninstalled Norton antivirus.

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