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Is it safe for me that others see my port number ?


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It's ok for others to see your port number. It's a requirement if you don't want to be firewalled in µTorrent.

Port Triggers just makes it forward after seeing traffic on that port...resulting occassionally in firewalled conditions due to low traffic rate.

If you're using a non-standard port above 4000, the security risk of forwarding 1 port for µTorrent is very low.

You're at far more risk just surfing the internet even with EVERY port firewalled, due to stuff websites can feed you when you connect to them.

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I have DSL - LAN with IP 10.****

I opened in ZONE ALARM the port 37***. In ALCATEL DSL modem I did the NAPT, as utorrent says in FAQ.

Is it a safe number or what is the exact port number I should use ?

I have to change them all to be safe....

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There is nothing like a "safe" or "unsafe" portnumber.

They are all equal!

NO need to worry.

Just by surfing to a normal website like this here or any other you have ports open. you can chose what ever port you like! The only concern for you could be that when YOU choose a port that is well known for mail or something like that, that OTHERS get a stupid warning in their firewall that their client send mail to you. (which is of cause a false positive when you use on your side the mailport as your listening port)


you can savely deinstall ZoneAlarm.

It is "snakeoil" with no real use but causing trouble for legitimate programmes on you PC. Maleware does NOT care about ZoneAlarm!

When you have XP it is enough to activate the build in Firewall!

See this article from german Hackers (the good ones!) why ZoneAlarm and Co. are useless!


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it was just an example!

you can use what ever port you like!

And please do not open so many threads here at once. STick in one and ask ALL your questions there so we that want to help you can concentrate on one point.

are the other problems now cleared? Green light an such?!

Edit: you can know the ports by googleing for "well known ports" !

80 for "websurfing"

25 for mail

and so forth

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