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Dropped connection


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I have a 2Mb DSL connection. I have noticed that when I run µtorrent, be it for seeding or leeching, everything runs fine for a couple of hours then things go wrong. For some reason, µtorrent cuts my connection and restarts it. Not just once but every few minutes, on average every 5-10 minutes. That means that if I am downloading anything else, emails etc, that gets cut off too.

Anyone help me out on this.

Here are my PC details.

AMD 1.8



OS - XP Pro

I usually download about 8-10 torrents and upload the same, so I will have between 16-20 torrents running at anyone time.

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When I run that number of torrents using Bittornado I don't have any problems at all. Actually at the moment I am seeding 8 torrents and downloading just 3. I have been seeding using Bittornado for about 3 days and haven't had a single problem.

What I want is a p-2-p program that will let me do what I want (within limits of-course) but using only one instance of that program. With Bittornado I have to open the program as many times as I want to seed or download.

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Ok, so you're running about 4-5 times the number of torrents at a time that you should be?

With 8-10 torrents at a time, you're running so many peer connections that you're probably overloading your modem or router.

If I run 8-10 or 10-12 torrents but cut down on the number of peer connections, would that help??

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