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Yet anouther bad speeds thread


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I get bad speeds in uT and i have no idea why. I've fiddled around with the settings and I'm currently using:

randomized port, upnp, 800/800 max up/dn, cap up to 200kbps if dn is under 200kbps, 100 upload slots/torrent, 500 max peers/torrent, max 1000 global connections

It's strange that i get really bad speed since I'm on 10mbit full duplex. I don't have a router, I'm connected directly to the net and I use Windows XP's builtin firewall (plz dont hack me).

My uploads and downloads seem to be capped at 100kbps. It's not an issue with BitComet which i used before so i don't think my ISP is capping bt traffic.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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