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I cant download using client computer


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Hello Everyone,

Im using Utorrent 1.5, and I cant download , the DHT is sometimes yellow and sometimes Red I know its not a good indication, It says "NO INCOMING CONNECTION". I gusess its in the Network configuration, I am using a client computer attached to other computer who has the internet connection. I already dissabled firewall on my computer and on the host computer. Does anybody there can help me with this? Thank you very much!!

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Hello Friend!

Thanks for your reply, But how can I open the port? I tried opening opening the port using Advance setting in mydsl properties then add... but I dont know how to configure it or to enter right data can u please help me.. this is the form

Description of service:

Name or IP address:

External Port number for this service:

Internal Port number for this service:

Thank you very much!

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