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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I signed up at www.ezmovies.net, dreaming of downloading as many movies as I want. However, I could not download a single movie, because I am a first timer, have no understanding of the ''torrent thing''. So what I did was to search for movies on the site and when I find one simply click on it. After that a web page opens up with a ''torrent'' extension and my browser says the page cannot be displayed, or page cannot be found sort of thing. Then I copy that url from my browser and paste it into the box which appears after I hit the ''add url'' button in uTorrent. And right after that this time I get the message that: Target machine actively refused etc.''

So normally I am upset for not being able to download anything at all especially after paying :)

I've been through this forum, found several topics about this Target machine actively refusing thing but none helped. Why is it so complicated to download movies, I don't understand. And I will truly appreciate any help on this matter, it hurts not being able to download after paying :).

Somebody please help!

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and after reading DWKs post you can go here to download legal movies:


and you might want to read the beginners guide (see µT Homepage for link) with URLs for other trackers and torrent indexers.

P.S. when you want to pay for the torrent thingy then donate the money you have given to that scam site better to ludde (the programmer of µT) via the paypal button here on the HP.


EzMovies.net does not condone piracy or breaking copyright laws. File sharing is not illegal so long as you abide by all relevant copyright laws. Sharing copyrighted material without the permission to do so is illegal.

You don't want to pay for illegal things, will you?! So do not pay them, better pay ludde!

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