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IP Address probs with utorrent NAT


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Hey, Hopefully someone can help with this.

Having followed the port forwarding and static IP address steps, I ran a test for both bandwith and port. The results were negative with my ip starting with 194.46.163 even though i set up my static IP address is default at 192.168. I had no trouble when using azureus and considering many forums have mentioned that both are very alike when it comes to settings, im a little frustrated.

I use McAfee firwall and opened the relevent port(incoming and outgoing). I use a prestige 600 router, and followed port forwarding down to the letter. I have unchecked UPnP port mapping in utorrent. Following my bandwith test it resulted with

344.5 kilobits per second. At the bottom of the utorrent interface, i have a yellow sign with 209 nodes.(havnt a clue whether loads of nodes are a good/bad thing) and when i highlight it, it says that I have "no incoming connection", though i am downloading at 10kB/s; which is very, very slow.

Thats pretty much the situation. If anyone can help I would very much appreciate it.

Torrent amateur.

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194.46.163.x isn't in one of the private IP address ranges, so that's your WAN IP address... Try connecting directly to the modem. If it turns green, you didn't forward your ports correctly in the router. If it doesn't turn green, then uninstall McAfee and try again.

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