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DL Speed Dropping


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It could be that you "joined the party" late and so lots of people already had about 90-92% of the file. So you downloaded from ALL them extremely fast till you got to 92% as well. Then the 1 remaining seed sharing the file is sharing it at 1 KB/sec and dividing that terrible upload speed 10 ways (10 upload slots).

So you go really fast to 92%, then hit a brick wall and speeds drop to pretty much 0.

Check to see how many seeds the torrent has, how many you are connected to, and the availability of the torrent.

If the Availability is less than 1, then you may not be able to complete the torrent from just who you're connecting to right now. However there may be others you AREN'T connected with that are sharing on the torrent that are sharing to those you ARE connected with...so you may still complete the torrent if you wait long enough.

My advice: Get a good share ratio on that torrent, lower its upload speed reasonably low (like 2-5 KB/sec), and set its upload slots to only 1 or 2. Then go start downloading another torrent to get the most out of your connection. :)

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