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reformatted my HD, uTorrent downloads and seeds are gone


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I've searched the forum for a solution for a similiar problem but didn't really find anything..

so here's the thing.. I reinstalled my OC, and i DID keep the uTorrent.exe file, which supposedly had to keep the data of my half-way torrent downloads and uploads..

but after reopening the uTorrent.exe file at the exact same place as before (where my files are also), it came out blank (there are no downloads/uploads anywhere).

Please help me with a way to recover the downloads.. my connection is not that fast and it is kinda critical (:

thank you in advance!

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i kept everything...

the exe file, the torrent files themselves, and the files that are downloaded/uploaded (the outcome of the download itself).

i just kept it all in the original folder from before the reinstallation of my OS.

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