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RSS Downloader Exclusion Filter


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I am using uTorrent v3.3 and recently had a problem with RSS Downloader filtering.


I have RSS Downloader all set up to d/l TV shows using BT-Chat's feed.  My "Not: " filter only includes *720* as I only get the SD versions of the show (either [eztv] or [VTV] torrents).  Everything was working just fine for years now. 


Until... recently, someone started posting [rarbg] and [ettv] torrents on BT-Chat.  The torrents are the same shows released by [eztv] and [VTV], however, [rarbg] and [ettv] use a separate sub-folder for every torrent/episode, with multiple files in it.  This is really annoying.  Don't  get me wrong, I love Extratorrent and Rarbg and use them regularly for other stuff, but I prefer my TV show torrents to be a single file per episode and saved in my default directory (no sub-folders).


Sample [rarbg] torrent:   Person.of.Interest.S04E17.HDTV.x264-LOL[rarbg].torrent


I tried using " Not: *720* | *rarbg* | *ettv* " (without quotes) but it doesn't seem to catch the [rarbg] and [ettv] torrents.


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you very much.


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Just don't use spaces.... *720*S|S*rarbg*S|S*ettv*

use: "*720*|*rarbg*|*ettv*"

I've tried this and still end up downloading ettv torrents, my issue with them is the same as the OP I have my shows download into their own folders and ettv torrents putting each Ep in its own folder causes a lot of handling..

Edit: spelling

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