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Different colors for finished torrents


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after downloads of 27Gb and 45Gb image files it happened that the program crashed or there was a compression failure during setup. And It always helped doing a torrent Force Re-check even when the torrent itself turned out to be bad (only 99.9% downloadable out of 100%), because for example: The torrent might show 100% finished and the program might install and still be corrupted in data somewhere, so if the customer does a Force-Recheck (recalculation of hashes) then he or she will at least know when the program crashes, that the download was okay. And some times for some technical reason a Force Re-check will set the completion down some percent and maybe more than once or continuesly, if it finally works, then that might fix the compression failure during setup, if it never finishes, then the torrent is reporting that the source has become corrupted.


So for all important files why not make a semi-color for finished torrent downloads, that do not turn green before the customer has done a Force Re-Check, because it is easy to forget or not know ...


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