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uTorrent 3.4.2 Serious Problems, Need Your Help Urgently


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Hey Dear Members,


Last night my uTorrent was working fine, till I closed it and went to check on something outside, I returned back and found that there was a power failure and the PC restarted back with uTorrent working on start up, I always like to do this because power failures are occuring alot over here,

(Note: when the power failure occured, uTorrent was closed), when I returned as I said earlier uTorrent was so heavy on CPU usage, nearly using 100%, and when closed normally, it won't close so I must stop it from the Task Manager, I also found that it is stuck with a checked 0.0% with a certain download, and also I deleted 2 files from my list and uTorrent is also stuck at deleting or even stuck at stopped when i force the program to close using the Task Manager and resume it back, now everytime I run uTorrent it's like that with all of these serious problems It wont fix itself as usual when something goes wrong,

My problem is that I dont want to do the system restore because my PC was all mad last night, it edited the clock time wrong and even if this didn't happen I downloaded lots of stuff and I'm afraid that the system restore will mess with them.


I need your help guys, seriously I have 50 GB files that was almost finished and another 30 GB one that was doing good


I am running Win XP SP2


Help Me Please

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Hey Kunnik, are you facing the exact situation (no downloading,no connections to peers, stuck at checked and never finishes,etc...)


I will try to uninstall it and reinstall another version and see what will happen, if it worked with me I'll tell you

but I will backup my finished files first and will take alook on the unfinished torrents and see which parts is finished and back em up too, it's a nightmare really

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I'm having the exact same problem. (just registerd here, only to post this):

  • Huge consumption of CPU (total CPU usage up to 99%-100%, when uTorrent starts).
  • The program won't close, unless I forcibly shut the process down from Task Manager.
  • Can't download/connect to anyone.
  • Active torrents stuck at "Checked..."

I thought it was a virus or something, but I ran all kinds of scans and nothing.


EDIT: I'm on Windows 7, 64-bit, μTorrent 3.4.2 (build 39586) [32-bit].

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Hey Shandorien,


1) would you please tell me what did you do exactly, How did you reload another version (overwrite or uninstalled then installed the 38913) ?


2) did it recognize the downloads (completed & unfinished ones) ?


3) do you have torrents that you downloaded just some parts and don't want the other parts, if yes, did the program recognize them too ?


4) did the share ratio gone ?

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Hey Manna,


to roll back to a previous version go to your uTorrnt folder in C:\Users\Shandorien\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\updates and scoll down to the bottom.

You should see the lastest update as 3.4.2_39586 with the previous update 3.4.2_38913 just above it.

Double click on 3.4.2_38913 and an installation window will open asking if you want to install a previous version. Click yes and it will role back.


From what I can see, all my settings, ratios and files are all the same and nothing has been effected, but I'm no expert so I can't say 100% its fine, it all just looks fine to me.


Hope this helps.

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I am currently on the older build which is 38913, I downgraded, and it works fine .. Will have to try the latest build but how can I .. just install it without removing my current version, as I did when I downgraded ?

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