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uT put already downloaded and stopped DL's into error state!


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I have lots of DL's. Suddenly I realized uT can put DL into error state, even if it's finished and stopped long ago.

When I look into, I see it happened if DL was saved on another disk, which is unavailable now.

If DL files is moved to another location, but that disk (where it was originally) is connected, it's not in error.

This is make no sense and very annoying.

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Damn, I have to start over.

If I moved files to another location - uT can't find it? But no error.

If USB HDD with files temporarily off - uT makes all my DLs in error.


But no matter. I DL files long ago, DLs are stopped! Why uT have to disturb it??? How to disable it???

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