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Previous disk is not connected


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apollo_der.sachse, if you are able to browse folder on Q: harddrive (it is really connected and working), then...


1. open foder "%appdata%\uTorrent"

2. delete all files except utorrent.exe, settings.dat and utorrent.lng

3. in "Einstellungen - Verzeichnisse" set default download folder ("Q:\_torrent\" for example), nothing more; see image bellow

4. in this setting will be all *.torrent files stored in "%appdata%\uTorrent"

5. download torrent file from torrent tracker / torrent index web server

6. keep default download folder or set another one or point to the folder where is torrent content (data, music, movie) stored

7. do not remove external harddisk when uTorrent is running (keep in mind, it can be closed to tray)



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as I read this topic, you downloaded and installed uTorrent just today. I thought that you have only few new torrent which are not able to connect to Q: drive.

Now you must load these torrents (you can do it from folder Q:\_torrent\_fertig\) again. Point the storage to Q: drive.


If you wish to restore all torrent jobs, go to the trash (Abfalleimer), and restore "resume.dat" file back to "%appdata%\uTorrent" (when uTorrent is ended).

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