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"Error: Access is Denied" only when recheck doesn't get to 100% (already searched threads)


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I am using Windows 7. I downgraded to utorrent 2.2.1 (recommended by multiple trackers after the bitcoin miner). I also really don't want to go back to non-intrusive versions of 3 because it's just a much cleaner and lightweight program.


I don't get this error when I download torrents normally. The only time I get this error is when I recheck a torrent and it doesn't get to 100% (99.9% is usually where it gets). When I try to download the rest I get this error. I have looked at numerous threads about this error and nothing in them has worked. I have full permissions (download folder, entire drive, and appdata), my user is the owner of the folders and files, I have tried running as administrator, I have disabled windows firewall and antivirus, tried putting the files in desktop/downloads. Everything that has been suggested in past threads.


The weird part is that if I don't recheck the file, and just download it from 0% I won't get the error. This works fine on small torrents, but I can't do this on large torrents because of my ISP bandwidth cap. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Here is how to fix this problem.


browse to the folder "C:/Program Files/uTorrent"

right click "uTorrent.exe" > click on "Properties"

click on the "Compatibility" tab

check "Run This Program in Compatibility Mode"

click the drop down menu > select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

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Some information in µTorrent User Manual - FAQ: http://www.netcheif.com/Articles/uTorrent/html/FAQ_06.html#In_the_torrent_job_status_I_get_Error:_Access_Denied_and_uTorrent_halts_the_torrent_job




And what about set "Run this program as an administrator" instead of compatibility mode?




This does not work in my situation.

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