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A way out of force re-check Hell


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I'm downloading a large file (4GB to be exact) to a directory in my local network (i.e \\computername\folder).

This directory requires a password to enter into, so I need to first enter the directory using explorer (by entering the password), and then open up utorrent and start downloading. That's fine.

BUT - If I start up utorrent before "unlocking" the directory, the download is marked with some error, and I'm forced to re-check.

As I'm aware to the cause of this error, all I need to do in order to fix it is unlock the directory. But since I don't know of any way to remove the "re-check" status from the download, I'm left with no choice and must re-check the whole download.

The thing is, re-checking a large 4GB download which is 80% done, over the network, takes an exhausting (both to me and to my CPU) time of about 30 minutes.

This is just one example of a "force re-check" situation which can be prevented, there are many more. In general, the re-checking mechanism doesn't make much sense in these situations. How is the process of scanning and comparing all the downloaded parts against a hash value or whatever is done there, related to the problem described above of an unreachable directory?

A mechanism differing the problems requiring re-check from those which do not would be great, but all I really need is an option allowing to remove the "force re-check" status from a download.

Thanks, keep up the good work on the best bittorrent client out there :-).

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