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Adding torrent with details window


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Did you enable the "show a window" option in ui settings?


By the way, i asked sfor support on the website and here is the answer :


"Thank you for contacting uTorrent Support.

Currently, Customer Support is only available to subscribers of Pro and Ad-Free. We suggest non-paying users visit the uTorrent Forums at:  http://forum.utorrent.com 

If you are an active subscriber, please provide us with the email address you used to originally purchase a premium client subscription, or the confirmation number you received at the time of purchase.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,"


My answer :


Thank you for your answer.
Considering my use of uTorrent i will be glad to purchase it but the current version has a problem, i can’t see the general windows under OS X 10.10. So if you can help me make it working ….


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