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I know something like this has been mentioned quite a few times, but I believe it can be really helpful.

So, before bashing this, at least read on.



I set up my family's desktop to download from an RSS feed. They download great and all. The problem lies with deleting the files.

As the name suggests, family - everyone uses the computer and it's hard to prevent them from downloading a lot of torrents. I needed control. So I locked utorrent with a boss-key and hid it during startup, so it doesn't appear. Utorrent runs in the background and all the torrents (TV Shows) are downloaded via the RSS feed. Plus, I set the minimum ratio for the seed goal to 150%. We aren't leechers.

I doubt I need to mention that HDD space is crucial; file deletion has to be done a regular basis. Sure, sometimes they delete the files after watching them, but because the files are in use, sometimes they can't be deleted. When they do get deleted, we get a lot of errors in utorrent. I'll visit them occasionally and remove the files from utorrent, and perform the necessary maintenance.



My suggestion is to give us a feature, that auto-deletes the .torrent and data after meeting a seeding goal.

Now, I know there will be concerns about users setting their seeding goal to less than the desired seeding percentage of 100%, but here's the constraint: only allow us auto-delete torrents if our seeding goal is set to a mininum of 100%.

Make the feature available as a nested option under minimum seeding goal. However, it's greyed out, unless we set our minimum seeding goal percentage to => (equal to, or greater than) 100%. So, if our seeding goal's mininum percentage is less than 100%, the option to auto-delete torrents are greyed out.


I think this would be great addition. Please consider. It would be a great help.



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